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Making life easier... at the push of a button

At the push of a button the Magnum Lift System® quickly and convientiently raises or lowers your trailer, giving you the freedom to spend more time enjoying your adventure. The Magnum Lift features a 24" stroke cylinder, capable of lifting 12,000 lbs. The adjustable fit bracket system bolts on to virtually any type of trailer. Movement is absorbed by the stable tube-in-tube construction which reduces stress on the cylinder seal. The durable 8" x 10" non-swivel foot stablilizes the trailer, while reducing movement and sinkage on soft ground. The Magnum Lift has a manual overide that can be operated with an electric or cordless drill.
Hydraulic 1Hydraulic 2Hydraulic 3




Single Leg Hydraulic 12,000 lbs. Lifting Capacity

Rugged Tube-in-Tube Construction

Powder Coated Silver or Black

2-Year Complete Warranty

Dual Leg Hydraulic

Available with Single or Independent Controls

Powder Coated Silver or Black

2-Year Complete Warranty